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Kingsthorpe NN2 7DR
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Please note: PhysioPlus has ceased trading. My new treatment room is at NN2 7DR.

What Happens in a Reflexology Treatment?

During the first consultation a brief medical history will be taken.

Treatment follows with the use of cream to aid the movement of the therapist’s thumbs, fingers and knuckles over all areas of the feet. As the therapist’s hands pass over certain areas, a sharp discomfort may be felt, in others merely a firm pressure.

Listening, nurturing and sustained touch can all be powerful therapeutic tools in themselves. Whilst some clients prefer to stay silent, or indeed fall asleep, others benefit from an hour of high quality one-to-one personal time, giving an opportunity for communication whilst the physical aspect of the treatment takes place.

The number of sessions will vary; in addressing a specific issue, three weekly sessions are advised followed by subsequent sessions with increasing intervals between them. For general relaxation and to promote well-being, sessions at 4-6 weekly intervals are usually sufficient.